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Eɪ B ]ɡ n

xnE - b. +h Eɮ ƺɱ
ɽɇxnE - b. (Ҩi) B.J, B.b.

SɇEi ]ɡ
JɇSɇEi +vEɮ - b. B.V.i, B...B.
(Bx.B.B.V) b. Bx.+ɮ.E., B...B.
b. (Ҩi) ևi P, B...B.

|ɇIh +vEɮ (SUi) - . +xɱEɮ i

ɨVEɪ +xnE - . Bx.E.Cx
Ҩi Eɇx {mx

ɨV EɪEi - .B.B.M

{ɇSɇE (xͺM) ]ɡ :-
Vxɺɺl {ɇSɇE - Ҩi +ɮ. V
Ҩi JbMɳ
Ҩi Vi Svɮ

ɇɺɺl {ɇSɇE - Ҩi iVκx ɨ
(b l ɇV])

JEҪ ]ɡ :-
JEҪ ɽɪE - . B. b. {xɺɮ

E{] - Ҩi B.b.j

ɴ-o ]ɡ :-

ɇ` SjEɮ - . .B.ɳ

] ]ɡ :-
] ]Cxɇɪx - E. n{ɱ M

{ֺiEɱɪ ]ɡ :-
{ֺiEɱɪ Sx ɽɪE - ...x<Eb

|ɄɺxҪ ]ɡ :-
JEɮ E Jɇɇ{E - Ҩi Eh ɱ

+Ʉևɇ{E Ob - Ҩi n Ehx

=SS h ɇ{E - . E.B.vEi
Ҩi B.B.ɴi

xn +xִnE - Ҩi +xi x

xn ]EE - Ci

Ujɴɺ ƮIE - Ҩi ɇxɹ EE

bɮ IE - Ҩi Ei Vi{ɱ

b<Ǵ E ExE - . B.B.ɴi

b<Ǵ - . b.b.{ɴɮ





h VɪƇi ɹ {]
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