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n Ih uɮ ɺ B {ɇɮ
Eh |ɤvx {] OVB] ]ԇE] E :-

    ɽ {E EI EɪG, Bx. +<. BS. B. b., x< n E +iMi {z E Vi * < EɪG E =q E n E ֪M xx*

    iǨx ƮSx B Eɪ|hɱ E ɺl |hɱ E { |ɤvE E ɪi hx Ex*

    |hɱ E Eɪ E Ei E i B ɇz |ɤvx Concept /iExE Ʉx E ={ɪM*

    ɺl |hɱ Eɺ |ɤvx Eɺ Iɨi |ɪM Ex*


Mi / {nhb:-

    ɮiҪ SɇEi {ɮҹn/V SɇEi {ɮҹn uɮ +x֨ni l< {VEi ]ԇE] il B...B. bO E l n*

    n Vx Bx.+<.B.B.b. +x֦M +vEɮ (|ɇIh) uɮ |{C] |{i E Mɪ . 100/- E  Eb}] +lɴ {] +b (G E +) xnE, Bx.+<.BS.B.b., xɮE, x< n - 110067 E xɨ V n*


+v :-

    E E nx, E n nx E n {E EɪG +ɪVi E Vi * {ɽ {E EɪG {.E.|.il +x Exp, (Sɮ Exp BE Exp) il nɮ {E EɪG, Bx. +<. BS. B. b. x< n +ɪVi E Vi *




h VɪƇi ɹ {]
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