Short Term Courses

The objectives of the In-service training are to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Health Professional for effective implementation of various National Health Programmes. As and when policy decisions are taken up at the Central Ministries as per health needs, and changes recommended for prevention and control of emerging health issues, the State and District level Officers need to be trained for handling those issues. Therefore, various training programmes are designed for different categories of health personnel.

These are:

01.Training on National Health Policy and Family Welfare Programe for C.H.S. Officers.
02.Training for Mid-level Managers under Immunization Strengthening Project (RCH).
03.Specialized Training in Communication under RCH for IEC personnel.
04.Post-Graduate Certificate course in Health & Family Welfare Management through Distance Learning.
05.Workshop for Principals and Faculty of Health and Family Welfare Training Centres on HIV/AIDS.
06.Training programme for D.H.O./C.M.H.O. on National Health Policy and Programmes.
07.Training Programme on IEC for AIDS.
08.Training for Trainers.
09.W.H.O. Fellowship programme.
10.Ad-hoc Training courses