We have a small but well equipped clinic in our institute, which provides primary health care. It is well staffed with 3 PHN and one LHV besides having both male and female Doctors. We also have a pediatrician to look into the special needs of childcare.

The clinic provides routine outpatient services to the patients. The special focus of the clinic is on providing Maternal and Child health care services including family planning services including IUD insertions. Routine immunization services are also available. There is also a small laboratory to conduct routine investigations. The clinic also dispenses standard drugs for the treatment of common ailments. All the services of the clinic including drugs are provided free of cost. The clinic also has an adolescent clinic to cater to the special needs of this group. The clinic aims in providing holistic health care to the patients where efforts are made to treat not only the current problem but to make a behavior change communication for more healthier and productive living.