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  • Clinic
    Mrs. Asha khandagale with patients
  • Clinic
    Mrs. Asha khandagale with patients

National Institute of Public Health Trainning and Research, Mumbai offers various services under Family Welfare Programme through Family planning & MCH.

The center’s provides clinical services throughout the year from Monday to Friday. Majority of cases are from neighboring areas. OPD services are mainly for ANC, PNC, Gynac, infertility, Pediatrics and general patients.

Clinic is well equipped which is having facilities for providing OPD services such as clinical and physical examination including height and weight measurement, TPR and BP measurement, Blood sugar test, Urine pregnancy test etc. Also clinic is provided with the facilities for examination of ANC and Gynac patients and copper-T insertion. Clinic also provide Oral pills, contraceptives and medicines for the patients visits to OPD.

Clinic provide various services such as immunization of various vaccines including Vit-A, Health talk, guide and counseling of the patients regarding family planning, nutrition, personal hygiene, importance of breast feeding and weaning practices etc.

Various outreach activities are carried out by clinic such as school health checkup camps, community health checkup camps, blood test camp and health exhibitions etc every year.


  • OPD Services-
    • General OPD services
    • ANC/PNC clinic
    • Gynac OPD
    • Adolescent clinic
    • Geriatric clinic
  • Immunization services
    • Routine immunization under Universal Immunization Programme
    • Yellow Fever Vaccination
  • Family Planning Services
    • Copper-T insertion
    • Contraceptives distribution
    • Counselling
    • Breast feeding and weaning practices etc.
  • Outreach activities
    • Health checkup camps at NGO & community
    • Blood test camp
    • Health exhibitions


  • Human Resource
    • Doctors-7
    • PHNO-3
    • Clinic attendant-3
  • Equipments
    • BP apparatus
    • Thermometer
    • Slit lamp
    • Autoclave
    • Weighing machine-Paediatric
      • Adult
    • Oxygen cylinder
      • Laryngoscope
        • Adult
        • Paediatric
    • Resuscitation kit
      • Ambu bag with face mask
    • Emergency drugs tray
    • Hub cutter