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Department of Health education

The Department of Health Education is located at Ground floor of the institutional building. It was established in 2019 and is in process of development.

Health Education is a process which affects changes in health behaviour of people and promoting health of the community. The institute conducts diploma course in health promotion education to develop health education specialist. Hence, the department aims to train the students in planning, implementing and evaluating health education programs at community level. Several health education programs have been carried out by NIPHTR staff & faculty recently during COVID-19 pandemic in surrounding areas of Panvel.

With the support of NIPHTR faculty and the trainees, the department also aims to conduct health education & awareness generation programs on key public health issues and National Health Programs in the selected rural community as well as urban slum areas of Panvel and at the Rural Health Training Centre (Ajiwali PHC) of NIPHTR.