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  • Conduct Diploma in Health Promotion Education course for the in-service paramedical candidates from all over the country & abroad.
  • Conduct PG- Diploma in Community Health Care course for the in-service paramedical candidates from all over India.
  • Impart training in Primary Health Care, Family Welfare, Reproductive & Child Health & other integrated National Health Programmes to different categories of Health personnel.
  • Supervise & guide the students from other institute placed for field training with the Centre.
  • Provide technical guidance & training to staff of Health & Family Welfare Training Centre & Rural Training Centers.
  • Carry out training courses for different categories of health personnel whenever required by Govt. of India.
  • Arrange educational programmes for voluntary agencies & general public in different health & family welfare aspects.
  • Provide Maternal & Child health services, Family Planning & other welfare services to people through the urban clinic.
  • Carry out research studies related to key Public Health Areas.
  • Organize outreach activities & health camps to provide preventive promotive & curative services for rural & urban slum population.