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Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Health Research, MOHFW, GOI

  • Study on Child abuse and neglect among street Children in South Mumbai.
  • Multricentric Interventional Study for the development of Tools for Assessment of Gestational Age and development of Death certificate for stillbirth in India
  • Quality of care for maternal and newborn in Maharashtra and comparative analysis of Interventions done for quality care across India: A mult-centeric study
  • Assessment of Health Insurance schemes for marginalised population in Maharashtra
  • Accessibility and utilisation of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) Services by marginalised and Dalit population of Mumbai City
  • A study on health seeking behaviour of Commercial Sex Workers for their children of 0-5 years age group during sickness in Kamathipura area in Mumbai
  • An interventional study on preparedness of Anganwadi workers and Accredited Social Health Activist in improving the quality of health care of the urban poor under National Health Mission
  • Behavioural & Emotional problems in the School going Adolescents in schools of Mumbai
  • Concurrent Evaluation of Newer Initiatives for Maternal and Child Health care under National Health Mission in Maharashtra.

(Proposal ID 2015-3527 Date 18/10/2015)

Department of Health Research, MOHFW, GOI

  • Multricentric Interventional study for the development of tools for Assessment of Gestational Age and development of Death certificate for stillbirth in India
  • Assessment of effectiveness of Self-management Education programme or type 2 diabetes mellitus cases among urban population of Mumbai
  • Epidemiological Study of Precancerous lesions for Cancer Cervix followed with intervention of Triphal Haridra Quath Yonidhavan a low cost Ayurveda medicine among Commercial Sex Workers in Kamathipura
  • Epidemiological Study of Diabetes Mellitus and Associated Risk Factors in the population of Maharashtra
  • Assessment of Quality of Care for maternal and new-born in Maharashtra and Comparative Analysis of interventions done for quality care across-India- A multi- centric study
  • Osteoporosis among women above the age of 30 years in Maharashtra
  • Impact of preventive strategies for quitting various tobacco products in adolescent of Mumbai city
  • Study on Assessment of Menopausal Symptoms and Effect of Health Promotion Interventions on Knowledge, Quality of life and Management during Menopause among Teachers in schools of Mumbai