Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Title Detail
Days : Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timings Of Vaccination : 2-4 pm
Pre-registration Form : Desirable
(Registration Form needs to be filled on website)
Cost of the Vaccine : Rs 300/per dose
Mandatory Requirement : Original passport
(Individuals above the age of 60 yrs are also required to produce a medical certificate of fitness for Yellow Fever Vaccination)

Yellow Fever Vaccine is an attenuated, live-virus preparation of the 17D strain of yellow fever virus grown in leucosis-free chick embryos. A single dose correctly given confers immunity in basically 100% of recipients. Protective immunity is achieved only after 10 days of yellow fever vaccination and persists for at least 10 years. This vaccine is given as a single injection given subcutaneously. Yellow fever Vaccination Certificate becomes valid only after 10 days of vaccination.

2.1 Vaccine summary

Title Summary
Type of vaccine Live viral
Number of doses One dose of 0.5 ml subcutaneously
Route of Administration Sub-cutaneous
Schedule Can be given at nine months of age
Booster Not required (as per GOI order No L-21021/52/2013-PH(IH) dated 30/08/2017)
Contraindications Egg allergy; immune deficiency from medication or disease;
symptomatic HIV infection; hypersensitivity to previous dose; pregnancy
Adverse reactions Hypersensitivity to egg; rarely, encephalitis in the very young;
hepatic failure. Rare reports of death from massive organ failure.
Special precautions Do not give before six months of age; avoid during pregnancy
Storage temperature +2 to +8 degrees centigrade

Source: WHO

2.2 Side Effects

Severe or serious adverse reactions to 17D vaccine are extremely rare. Post-vaccinal encephalitis (due to invasion of the brain by the vaccine virus) has long been recognized as a rare complication related to use of the vaccine in very young infants. 18 of the 21 reported encephalitis cases were in children, of whom 16 were under 7 months. Virus recovered from the brain of the single reported fatal case contained two amino acid changes in the E gene and exhibited increased neuro-virulence in animals. It is unknown whether the other cases were due to mutations in the vaccine virus. Anaphylactic reactions to yellow fever vaccine occur at a frequency of approximately 1/58000 and may be due to sensitivity to gelatin used to stabilise the vaccine.

1. Mild Side Effects of Vaccination

  • Yellow fever vaccine has been associated with fever and with aches, soreness, redness or swelling where the shot was given. These problems occur in up to 1 person out of 4. They usually begin soon after the shot, and can last up to a week.
  • Most people will get a slight sore arm
  • 2-10% may feel tired, headache, muscle aches, fever for 24 hours starting 3-9 days after the vaccine
  • 1% need to curtail regular activities

2. More Serious Side Effects of Vaccination

  • The risk of a vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely low.
  • Severe allergic reaction to a vaccine component (about 1 person in 58,000).
  • Severe nervous system reaction (about 1 person in 125,000).
  • Life-threatening severe illness with organ failure (about 1 person in 250,000). More than half the people who suffer this side effect die. These last two problems have never been reported after a booster dose.
  • 1 in 130,000 will get immediate hypersensitivity – rash, itching faint or asthma – this is why you need to wait 30 minutes in the clinic
  • 0.09-2.5 per million will get inflammation of multiple organs e.g. lungs, kidney, liver, spleen, skin, blood stream
  • 1 in 8 million will get encephalitis (Inflammation of the brain)

Nodal Officer

Dr. Suparna Khera, Addl. Director

Family Welfare Training & Research Centre,
332, S.V.P. Road, Khetwadi, Mumbai - 400 004, Maharashtra, India

Phone :

022-23881724 / 23893165

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre