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Diploma in Health Promotion Education (DHPE)

Objectives of the Course-

General Objective:

To develop Health Education Specialists needed to provide effective Health Promotion Education activities.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student will be able to-

1. Relate the basic health sciences and apply this knowledge in Health Promotion Education

2. Apply the knowledge of Behavioral Sciences in bringing about desirable changes in the health behavior of the community and to make Health Promotion Education Programmes in the Community.

3. Apply simple statistical methods and demographic techniques for programme planning and for conducting health surveys and research studies.

4. Perform the role of Health Education Specialist in the community, conducting Health Promotion Education Programmes effectively by proper application of principles of Health Promotion Education.

5. Explain Health System, Health Administration and Health Policy for effective implementation of IEC for National Health Programmes.

6. Become an effective communicator, for advocacy in Health Promotion Education in the Community.

7. Plan, implement and evaluate Health Promotion Education Programmes in community by positive and constructive attitudes on the identified health problems.

Eligibility criteria for admission-

The candidate should fulfil either of the following eligibility criteria :-

1. Graduate candidates from recognized university working in Central/State/Local Health Services or registered NGOs for at least five years.

2. Preference will be given to candidates having degree in the discipline of AYUSH and Allied Health Sciences/ Education/ Welfare/ Nursing or any other paramedical field.


One-year full-time, residential course starting from June to May.

Affiliation: The course is affiliated to International institute of populated science (IIPS), Mumbai (Deemed University) under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Sr. No Head Amount (Rs.) Total (Rs.)
Semester I Semester II
For Sponsored candidate
Admission Fee
1000/- - 1000/-
Tuition Fee
3000/- 3000/- 6000/-
Examination Fee
500/- 500/- 1000/-
4 TOTAL 4500/- 3500/- 8000/-
For Non-Sponsored candidate
Admission Fee
1000/- - 1000/-
Tuition Fee
5000/- 5000/- 10000/-
Examination Fee
500/- 500/- 1000/-
4 TOTAL 6500/- 5500/- 12000/-

Course contents

Semester I

  • Paper 1- Health and Hygiene with Basic Sciences
  • Paper 2- Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Paper 3- Research Methods and Statistics
  • Paper 4- Health Promotion Education Part-I

Semester II

  • Paper 5- Epidemiology
  • Paper 6- Dynamics of Population and Family Welfare
  • Paper 7- Health Policies and Programmes
  • Paper 8- Health Promotion Education Part – II

Apart from classroom teaching, various observational visits, educational visits and field work is carried out as part of training. Concurrent Field Training (CFT) is carried out in small groups in urban slum areas of Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai to identify health problems, carry out planning, implementation and evaluation of health education activities. Similarly, Supervised Field Training (SFT) is carried out individually by the trainees in their respective state.

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Course coordinators are responsible for managing the delivery of a specific course/degree program to students. They provide detailed information regarding the learning results of the program/course, assist candidates in selecting electives, review their applications for advanced standing, and provide insights in academic requirements. Course coordinators plan, design, and develop the course. Course coordinators are essential to ensure the quality of academic programs and assist students in understanding various aspects of the course.

• Course Coordinator
Dr. Amol Ade, Sr. Medical Officer
e-mail: dhpeniphtr[at]gmail[dot]com
Tel:- 022-23881724-108
• Co-coordinator
Mrs. Nakusha Saindane, S.W.I
• Course Assistant
Ms. Reshma Shinde, Lab Technician