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Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Management (PGDHM)

About The course


Hospital management is an upcoming field with need for Hospital Managers in most hospitals to ensure efficacy and cost effective health care delivery. A specialised cadre of Health professionals skilled in leadership, networking, hospital management, interpretation of data, finance & information systems and communication will be developed through Post Graduate diploma in Hospital Management.

Unique Features of the course

  • Inter-disciplinary approach
  • Competency driven curriculum
  • Linkages with Hospitals
  • Emphasis on problem solving, evidence based learning
  • Use of innovative pedagogy
  • Focus on transformative learning

NIPHTR Advantages

  • Only Course offered by First Central Training Institute under MOHFW, GOI Recognised by MOHFW, GOI
  • Standardised Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Teaching by Experienced Faculty
  • Offered at reasonable cost
  • Assured Quality
  • Specific to hospital management
  • Full time regular course
  • One year Diploma offered in very few institutes.


  • Work in supervisory/managerial roles in Public and Private Hospitals, Nursing homes
  • Work in supervisory roles in District, Rural Hospitals and Public Health set ups
  • Huge demand in coming years for Hospital Managers in Public Hospitals to manage the Hospitals effectively and efficiently
  • The course expands the course availability to the students
  • Under New Education policy 2020 focus is on increased skill development
  • As per Ayushmaan Bharat operational guidelines for Comprehensive Primary health care, Hospital management is envisaged as a Career progression pathway for newly recruited Community Health Officers (CHO) at Health and Wellness centres- (HWC).

Objectives of the course

  • Identify immediate and long term health goals of the Hospital settings
  • Develop program management plans for Hospital settings.
  • Understand and apply core management principles for human resources in Hospital settings.
  • Understand and apply budgeting and economic evaluation in Hospital settings.
  • Understand and apply quality assurance and improvement techniques for in Hospital settings.
  • Use various managerial information systems and their application in Hospital settings.
  • Develop competence to critically evaluate existing information and identify gaps in Hospital settings.
  • Translate knowledge for evidence-based policy making in Hospital settings

After completion of the course the candidate will Develop and demonstrate competency in managing hospitals at different levels



  • Bachelor’s Degree from recognised University
  • Medical Degrees (Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Dentistry etc. )
  • B.Sc Nursing, Post B.Sc Nursing, General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM)- (3 1/2 years course after HSC conducted by Nursing Council of any State with one year experience after passing GNM course).
  • Paramedical and allied Health Courses, such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy etc. with one year experience after passing.


  • Demonstrated work experience in a Hospital set up or Public Health Facilities or healthcare-related field is desirable


  • One year The course will have two semesters (Semester I&II). The academic year will extend from June to May

Medium of Instruction

  • The Medium of instruction will be English.


  • Number of seats: 30
  • Affiliation: The course is affiliated to the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai a deemed university under MOHFW, GOI
  • Admissions Procedure
    • Announcement of Application: January
    • Last Date of submission of Application: 31st March
    • Method of selection: The candidates will be selected on merit as per eligibility criterion. If the number of eligible applications exceeds the number of seats written exam and/or interview will be conducted.
Non- Refundable * Amount (Rs.)
1. Admission Fee (one time) 3000/-
2. Medical Examination Fee 500/-
1. Tuition Fee 8000/-
2. Computer Fee 1000/-
3. Library Fee 1000/-
4. Examination Fee 500/-
TOTAL 14,000/-
1. Tuition Fee 8000/-
2. Computer Fee 1000/-
3. Library Fee 1000/-
4. Examination Fee 500/-
5. Diploma Certificate Fee 500/-
TOTAL 11,000/-

*The fees as applicable to Indian nationals.

Course Contents

S no Paper
C1 Basic Health Sciences
C2 Principles and Practices of Management
C3 Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
C4 Research Methodology
C5 Introduction to Statistics
C6 General Epidemiology
E.1.1 Basics of Accounting
E.1.2 Basics of Health Economics &Marketing Management
C7 Research Project
C8 Viva
C9 Hospital Management Information System
C10 Introduction to Computer and Statistical Packages
C11 Planning and Management of Patient Care and support Services
C12 Planning and Management of Utility Services
C13 Equipment & Material Management
E2.1 Health Communication
E2.2 Legal Aspect of Hospital Management
C14 Internship
C15 Viva

Field work and Internship

The students will conduct a research study on topic assigned by NIPHTR relevant to the hospital settings under supervision of guides allotted from NIPHTR and submit the report to the institute. The co-guide will be from Hospital where the students conducts the research study.

On successful completion & passing of Semester-I & Semester-II, examinations, students will have to complete Internship Training in Hospitals, for a period of 30 working days, as a part of the course. Hospitals will be allotted by the Director of the Institute. The Internship will be conducted under the guidance of senior Hospital administrator where the students are posted with monitoring from NIPHTR. The students will submit the Internship report duly signed by their guide to NIPHTR. Diploma will be awarded only after the completion of Internship. The students will submit the required Internship Completion Certificate from the concerned Hospital to NIPHTR.


Written examination will be conducted for all Courses and Viva Voce held at end of each semester. Grades obtained in all the subjects counted for determining the overall grade for PGDHM programme. Minimum Grade required for passing is “P” (Pass) in each unit.

Grading System

The following ten points grading system is followed in the Institute:

  • The institute will set the question paper and also evaluate the answer books as per grading pattern.
  • A final grade for each paper will be arrived by taking weighted average of grades given in different sections of the paper in case of questions of unequal weights. The weights can be given in proportion to the credit (i.e. number of hours) assigned for each section of the paper.
  • Overall Grade will be arrived on the basis of the number of credit hours and grade points for each subject Qualitative level % marks
Qualitative Level Letter Grade Numerical Value Equivalent Percentage
Outstanding O 10 85–100
Excellent A+ 9 75–84.9
Very Good A 8 65–74.9
Good B+ 7 55–64.9
Above Average B 6 50–54.9
Average C 5 45–49.9
Pass P 4 40–44.9
Fail F+ 3 30–39.9
Fail F 2 20–29.9
Fail F- 1 0–19.9
Not Attempted/Absent NA 0 --

*The grading system will be Updated time to time as per University guidelines.

Re-evaluation of Answer Sheets

  • A student can have access to his/her examination papers in the form of photo copies at a cost of Rs. 200/- per paper with prior approval of the Director.
  • A candidate shall apply for revaluation of his/her answer sheet on the prescribed form to the Director of the Institute within three weeks from the date of declaration of the result along with the non-refundable fee of Rs. 500/- only per paper.
  • No application for revaluation will be entertained unless a photocopy of the statement of marks in the examination concerned is enclosed to the application.
  • The result of the revaluation of a candidate’s answer-book(s) shall be binding on him/her and that he/she shall accept the revised marks as final.
  • If a candidate, whose answer-book(s) have been reassessed, becomes eligible for any prize or any other award, the same shall be granted to him/her and the award previously made shall be cancelled. If as a result of revaluation, a candidate becomes eligible for the provision of a condonation of deficiency, the same shall be given to him/her.


  • Re-examination will not be conducted during the course period.
  • Those students who fail or could not appear in any examination will be allowed to re-appear in a paper in the next semester examinations.
  • Those failing in any exam of final semester will not be awarded the degree in the same academic year. They can appear in the re-examination along with first semester of the next batch.
  • Maximum of three attempts will be allowed including the first appearance in each paper.
  • There will not be any down grading in re-examinations.
  • 50 Percent of clearance of the total papers in each semester is compulsory to continue the study in next semester.

Details of FEES STRUCTURE for the PGDHM

Heads (Non- Refundable) Amount (RS)
Admission Fee (one time) 3000
Medical Examination Fee 500
Tuition Fee 8000
Computer Fee 1000
Library Fee 1000
Examination Fee 500
TOTAL 14000
Tuition Fee 8000
Computer Fee 1000
Library Fee 1000
Examination Fee 500
Diploma Certificate fee 500
TOTAL 11000

*The fees as applicable to Indian nationals


FEES Amount (in Rs)
Hostel Accommodation Charges (Per month) 500
Duplicate Certificate Fee (as per IIPS) 880
Transcript Fee (as per IIPS) 550
Duplicate I-Card Fee 150
Migration/Transfer Certificate fee (as per IIPS) 110
Re-Examination Fee (Per paper) 500
Re-evaluation Fee (Per paper) 500
Mess Fees (on actuals) (approx./month) 2500

*subject to availability

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Course coordinators are responsible for managing the delivery of a specific course/degree program to students. They provide detailed information regarding the learning results of the program/course, assist candidates in selecting electives, review their applications for advanced standing, and provide insights in academic requirements. Course coordinators plan, design, and develop the course. Course coordinators are essential to ensure the quality of academic programs and assist students in understanding various aspects of the course.

• Course Coordinator
Dr. Suparna Khera, C.M.O (SAG)
Tel:- 022-23881724-104
• Co-coordinator
Mrs. Asha Khandagale, Sr. P.H.N.O
• Course Assistant
Mr. Ganesh Chavan, S.W.I
Ms. Reshma Shinde, Lab Technician